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Coloring Cornwall – A Coloring Book for All Ages from the Chronicle Archives

Ever wondered why the Chronicle is still all black and white?
So you can color it yourself!

Now it’s your turn to paint the town!
74 pages • 6.5” X 9.5” • over 100 illustrations • $10
Available at The Local, The Wish House, and The Cornwall Library

Order for mail delivery (via PayPal or by check): $12.50 each includes postage

Coloring Cornwall

The Illustrations

The drawings on this slide show are by Jane Bevans, Michael Heming, Jacque Schiller, Adam Van Doren, and Barbara Wolff,  some of the scores of Cornwall artists whose witty and graceful work has decorated the pages of the Chronicle for more than 30 years. The slide show will change periodically.

Editors & Illustrators for Upcoming Issues

The Chronicle’s volunteer editors rotate monthly and are always open to new viewpoints and ideas.

September Editors:

Bill McClane billmcclane@mac.com
Lory Bevans lorybevans@mac.com
Gregory Galloway gregorykgalloway@yahoo.com


Jonathan Arnold

October Editors:

Grant Hanessian ghanessian@hanessianadr.com
Mare Rubin marerubin2@gmail.com
Bob Meyers bobimeyers@gmail.com


Jane Bevans

November Editors:

Greg Galloway gregorykgalloway@yahoo.com
Jacque Schiller jqlynn@mac.com


Emily Waters

December Editors:

Annie Kosciusko townhill@optonline.net
Iris Hermann Iris.bedelia@gmail.com
Juergen Kalwa jkalwa@identiteam.com


Adam Van Doren
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