Will Schenk has some novel ideas for re-inventing the Cornwall Bridge market at the junction of routes 7 and 4. There will now be “three kitchens”: One for coffee, eggs, and sandwiches; a second bakery with breads, croissants, and other baked goods; and a third he calls “the Chocolate Room” where multiple chocolate varieties will be fashioned into unique chocolate edibles.

The chocolate enterprise is linked to a factory in Colombia and partnerships with family farms growing many of the 39 different varieties and hybrids of the cocoa tree. This feeds Will’s passion for supporting productive, resilient food systems in a natural setting with a diverse ecology. Akin to small batch coffee, beer, wine, and ice cream production, the emphasis will be on the nuances and subtleties of different strains and blends of cocoa beans. Will says that development of this part of the store may take longer, but he promises that some parts of the other “kitchens” will be open “in weeks not months!”

—Will Treem

📸: Will Treem

James Arena, the Chef du Cuisine and Pastry Chef (formerly the pastry chef at Arethusa) and Will Schenk

Interior renovation of the Cornwall Market