In this year of unprecedented challenges for schools across the nation, Cornwall Consolidated School has been remarkably fortunate. Since the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, there have been only two cases of Covid-19 directly affecting the CCS community. The first was before instruction began, and affected only faculty. The second, occurring a few days before Winter Break, resulted in the kindergarten cohort missing only three instructional days. But it isn’t just luck that has allowed CCS to keep its doors open. By all accounts, the school community has done an excellent job following Covid-prevention guidelines, from grade-based cohorts and social distancing to mask wearing and hand washing.

Looking ahead to the 2021-2022 academic year, school officials are hopeful, and cautious. The proposed budget is based on the assumption that Covid protocols now in place will continue, at least into the Fall. Is there room to imagine some of these precautions falling away, as more and more people in the community and beyond are vaccinated? Possibly. The local and regional school boards and staff who make these decisions, in collaboration with local health experts, will be watching the situation closely, remaining vigilant until children, too,  are vaccinated.

Last year, there were 88 students at CCS, including those commuting from outside the district. Now, with the addition of several families who’ve relocated from New York City and elsewhere, enrollment is up to 113. School officials are pleased to report that seven of the ten families that joined the community from New York are planning to stay; one family is still undecided. Of the 17 out-of-district families currently enrolled at CCS, 16 report they will be reapplying.

The school is also looking forward to welcoming new kindergarteners. Kindergarten Registration for the 2021-2022 school year will be held during the month of May 2021. All children five years of age and over who reach age five on or before the first day of January 2022 are eligible. Parents should call the Cornwall Consolidated School office at 860-672-6617 to schedule a time for their child/children to visit the school. Parents will need to bring their child/children’s official immunization record, birth certificate, and proof of residency on the day of registration.

Molly FitzSimons

📸: Annie Kosciusko

Cornwall Consolidated School