As the state slowly re-opens in stages, Cornwall businesses work to balance commerce and safety. 

Bianka Griggs reports that the Wish House is now open Tuesday-Saturday from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. and also by appointment.  She noted that “doing business under these circumstances in this community is a delight as everyone knows the protocol and is polite and respectful to a fault.”  During the months of June and July the Wish House is donating a portion of its revenue to support various local initiatives. Bianka added, “As our motto goes, ‘support your neighbor, strengthen your local economy.’”  

Ron Goldstein, manager of Iron Bank in Cornwall Bridge said that they are still accepting applications for Paycheck Protection Program loans and have had great success working with the Small Business Administration to provide support for what he calls “our great business clients” in the community.  Additionally he told me the bank’s lobby will officially open June 24, requiring masks and 6 foot social distancing.  He is requesting that all customers have their transactions ready before they enter the building.  

Jane Herold’s pottery shop is finally up and running and she is busy making dinnerware for people.  Jane added that “the showroom is well stocked and open when the sign is out, which is almost always.” She and her staff are wearing masks and ask that her customers do the same.

Bob Ensign at Covered Bridge Electric Bike has expanded renting options to 2 hour, half and full day.  He says it’s always a good idea to reserve in advance.  Bike sales continue to be brisk but those who would like coffee and muffins while they mull their touring options will have to wait until at least the middle of July.

RSVP started serving customers last month, Thursday through Sunday and reports robust business.  They continue to serve outside only, but are contemplating inside service as conditions warrant. 

Abigail Cusic, director of the Little Guild animal shelter told me that they are finally opening their facility to cat adoptions by appointment only and with safety measures in place for staff and visitors.  Dog adoptions continue with all “meet and greets” outside only and also by appointment.  All visitors must wear masks.

—Bob Meyers

📸: Diners at RSVP by Carolyn Fugere