Cornwall Rocks

The first Rock Band Camp held last week in West Cornwall showed what young musicians between 10 and 16 can accomplish when everything comes together: inspired kids, engaging teaching, plenty of rehearsal space, and a helping hand from Mother Nature for an outdoor concert that showcased their accomplishments. The camp had three locations: the Union, the Hughes Library, and the lawn in front of the Wish House in front of a perceptive audience.

The idea of tapping into the reservoir of creative local talent came from Replay Music School and their teachers John Rubin, Kate Victor, and Ram Miles, a combination of new and longtime residents. It seems a fitting occasion to open up a new chapter in the 30-year history of the Chronicle. Traditionally a print publication, we have broadened our online presence with timely postings of new stories on our website, ongoing Facebook and Instagram posts, and now videos about Cornwall presented in the narrative style the Chronicle is known for.

This first video was taped and edited by Juergen Kalwa, a member of the Chronicle editorial team.

For more information on Replay Music School, which branched out from New York City to Cornwall during the pandemic, go to:

📷: Juergen Kalwa