After more than a decade as president of the Cornwall Chronicle, Paul DeAngelis is stepping down. Running an all-volunteer publication where staff engage once or twice a year isn’t as glamorous or easy as you may think. Paul’s excellent editorial chops (honed by a career as a book editor), attention to detail, and occasionally crafty cultivation of new writers, editors, and board members have kept this unique publication in your mailboxes and social media feeds. He’s expanded the Chronicle’s online presence (with the help of the tireless Cara Weigold) and ensured a roster of writers and editors to carry on the work of this 32-year-old publication. We’re grateful Paul will stay on the board and serve as an editor. He is passing the presidential baton to Bob Meyers’ capable hands. Welcome, Bob, and thank you, Paul. You are truly “of the angels.”

 —Chronicle Editors

Pictured above: Bob Meyers and Paul DeAngelis.

Pictured below: framed artwork by Adam Van Doren presented to Paul DeAngelis.