The Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department, CVFD for short, celebrated its 90th anniversary last year. One of the ways they are celebrating this milestone is by launching a new website,” The site aims to highlight the CVFD’s rich history of service to the community while providing useful safety information and resources.

Working with a team of volunteers from the department, Cornwall resident Rocco Botto designed the look, layout and functionality of the new website. Visitors will find details about the mission, rich history and current operations of the all-volunteer fire, fire police and emergency medical response teams.

An extensive selection of community resources lists many useful topics and covers numerous common safety hazards. These include what to do about downed power lines, chimney fires and the presence of carbon monoxide in your home. There is also information about smoke detectors, house numbers and storm readiness.

And finally, there is a “get involved” section inviting interested citizens to consider the rewards of serving the community as a member of the CVFD team.

 —Bob Meyers