Late in the afternoon on January 27th, Brad Hedden got a text from Heidi Kearns who had been out on a walk on Flat Rocks Road. While she and her husband, Skip, were walking by the pulloff where the paved road turns to dirt, Heidi heard what she thought was a bird — until she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. Upon closer inspection, she and Skip realized it was in actuality a small guinea pig.

Brad and I went and met Heidi, and Brad was able to get the guinea pig out of the snow-covered rock shelter it was in with a piece of carrot that Heidi had brought. On our way home, we contacted Jennifer Markow, as she and her family have a guinea pig. We drove to their house, expecting some food and hay, and received an entire cage that was set up for the guinea pig.

On February 11, I took the guinea pig, now named Winnie, to the Park Lane Animal Hospital for a health checkup. Winnie is about four months old. Skinny and scared when found, she was in great health, aside from long nails. After being with us for a little longer than two weeks, she is now settling into her new home with the Markow family.

—Erin Hedden