Four and a half years ago, while we were celebrating our northern Town Street neighbor Ella Clark’s birthday with our Cream Hollow friends, we spent part of the evening learning more about the community and some of its famous and infamous characters; there were stories of swamis and artists, farmers and industrialists. As is often the case, we were reminded how we have always felt at home in Cornwall.

That December night, we also shared the news that we were expecting our first baby, and while party goers couldn’t have been happier for us, they didn’t know we were on the prowl for name suggestions. That’s when we heard of Hatcher Hughes, the 1924 Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of Hell-Bent for Heaven and the original owner of the remarkable stone house we pass on our way home. We instantly knew we had our name.

But as it turned out, we were blessed with a little girl. So we put Hatcher in a vault, never telling anyone how much we loved it, and not sure if we would have occasion to put it back into circulation.

So we’re now pleased to introduce Cornwall to its latest Hatcher, Hatcher Doskow Mejía, born the first of May, 2020. Although he was born in New York City, we are safely back in Cornwall, waiting out his earliest days in self-quarantine. When we emerge, we hope he loves Cornwall as much as his parents, big sister and his namesake.

 Foster Doskow Mejía, Annette Doskow, Matthew Mejía (& now Hatcher)


📸: Photo submitted of Hatcher Hughes (left) and Hatcher Doskow Mejía (right)