Mediation in Lieu of Litigation?
A Letter about the New Home Business Regulations to the Chronicle from Anne Zinsser

I am writing to publicly request an open dialogue among the citizens of Cornwall and the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding the amendment to the town zoning regulations entitled “Home Businesses.”  I continue to be deeply concerned about the procedural failures in passing this amendment, the dismissive tone of some officials in public meetings, and the failure to adequately invite and consider public comments and concerns.  But upon reflection, I have decided it would be more constructive to switch from a litigation approach to a mediation approach, which I assume the town would also prefer and will embrace.  To that end, I will be organizing shortly a diverse group of Cornwall residents to develop a proposal for a more transparent and inclusive set of processes and practices for amending Cornwall’s zoning regulations.  I would ask town officials to then meet with this group to discuss and consider these proposed changes.  I know we all share a love of Cornwall and so am hopeful that we can all address these issues in the spirit of cooperation and a common commitment to the future of the town.


Anne Zinsser