Trending these days is the Front Porch Project, where individuals and families all over the country are photographed outside their homes during the pandemic. The photographers keep social distance while making an important human connection and documenting our new stay-at-home lives. Photographer Lazlo Gyorsok has joined the effort and is available to take your picture, free of charge, in your yard or other outside location. His project is entitled “While We Were Home/On the Frontline” and will be included in the Historical Society’s collection on the pandemic. Check out the photos so far at Some of the prints are on display in the windows at the Housatonic Art and Frameshop. If you would like to be included, you may contact Lazlo at 860-672-6729 or by email:


📸: Photo of Jerry and Pat Blakey, taken by Lazlo on April 29, the first in his series “While We Were Home/On the Frontline”