For the first time the Cornwall Chronicle has expanded on a topic addressed initially in a recent print issue, adding not only photographs, but supplementary articles and video. The print article is “The End of a Line,” Dan Hubbard’s piece about the last passenger train that came through Cornwall in 1971, which appeared in the August issue. Juergen Kalwa has expanded the subject into a mini-series that provides much more information than our four-page print edition could ever contain: a supplementary feature about the nostalgia for railroading history that lives on in basements across the region, where fascinating model railroad projects celebrate the  Housatonic Railroad. Another piece is an update on the attempt, mostly by Massachusetts business owners and government officials, to bring back passenger service along the line. All three articles are being published in conjunction with Labor Day weekend and the beginning of the school year and offer extensive illustration and video content. They bring a new dimension to the Chronicle’s quality coverage of the Cornwall community. Likely you will see more of such features going forward, especially if you subscribe to our social media pages, where these stories are being announced as soon as they are posted on the Chronicle website. Check us out at Facebook and Instagram.

Images from the YouTube video “These Trains Never Stopped”. Produced by Juergen Kalwa.