An outpost for ice cream. A spot for really good pizza. Somewhere to grab a sandwich. 

That place locals call “Yutzlers” and you may not know what they mean, but you know roughly where it is, is now Three Guys Ski and Ride, Litchfield County’s first and only full-service alpine, Nordic and snowboard retail shop. There’s no food on offer, but the merch alone will make you salivate! 

“The three of us met while working at Mohawk Ski Mountain,says Michael Carr, Mohawk’s former Service Department Manager and one of Three Guys’ founders. “We realized we were receiving more and more questions from customers about where to go to buy, tune and service their hardwear. Instead of directing them to various points, north, south, east and west, we decided to open up a shop to satisfy this need.” 

Born in Vermont with New Hampshire grandparents and college degree from a Maine school, Carr has skied the New England “peaks” since he was 10. He and his family have lived in Litchfield, CT for decades where Carr has been a local businessman and craftsman, remodeling homes and tuning/waxing/mounting skis on the weekends.   

“My partners Adam and Jim have areas of expertise that I don’t,”says Carr. “Together, we comprise a team that can provide winter fun for adults and children, from beginners to expert skiers and boarders.”

The other Three Guys are Adam Demuth, Retail Manager at Mohawk with contacts at such chic and performance-oriented soft goods brands as Reima (Finland), Odlo (Switzerland), Turbine (California), among others, and Jim Shockley, Branding and Rental Equipment Director at Mohawk who’s a seasoned marketing pro as well as having deep-intel of snow sports equipment. Together the Three Guys have all aspects of the Great (Snowy) Outdoors covered.

Why Cornwall?

“We saw a need, an actual vacuum in the market for the service we collectively provide which is quality tuning, quality fitting and quality products/inventory,” says Carr. “William Betts, our landlord, had a great location and space for us to do what we envisioned.”

William Betts sees the business potential for both Three Guys and West Cornwall. 

“Im really excited to have these guys fulfilling their dreams in this space,” says Betts. It’s a perfect fit! The store is a great addition to the town and compliments the active outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by so many residents and visitors to the area. It also returns commerce to the east end of West Cornwall and I’m hopeful that it’ll highlight the potential of the town to others and maybe inspire more support for the muchneeded sewer system. 

When the snow melts, Three Guys has ideas. 

“This summer, we hope to have watercrafts and skateboards on offer,” says Carr. “And we intend to sell bicycles, but manufacturers are so backlogged that we can’t identify top brands that can ship right now. Stay tuned.” 

With Three Guys Ski and Ride, we’ll be tuned, fitted, serviced, clothed and ready for many outdoor adventures.

Until fully operational, the shop is open by appointment via email: or or –

Elizabeth England

📸: William Betts & Jacque Schiller (On the left is Michael Carr, center Adam DeMuth, right James Shockley)