The giant $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill to fund the U.S. government through September was recently signed into law by President Biden. The bill was rushed to the finish line after months of protracted negotiations by the inclusion of $14 billion in emergency assistance for Ukraine.

Democrats and Republicans in Washington had plenty to celebrate. Dems touted the package for having the largest increase to nondefense discretionary spending in four years, especially for education, science, R&D and climate change. Members of the GOP lauded large increases in spending for defense and homeland security.

And folks in Connecticut’s Fifth Congressional District who were paying attention to the fine print could also find plenty to applaud. Buried deep within the package were funds for “Community Project Funding requests” including $3 million for the West Cornwall wastewater collection and treatment facility.

In a statement issued after the funding bill passed in both houses, Congresswoman Jahana Hayes said, “I am thrilled to have secured more than $9.64 million on behalf of the Fifth District to advance an array of critical projects.”

First Selectman Gordon Ridgway was similarly excited, exclaiming, “This is the first time in my memory that federal funds were allocated to Cornwall for anything. It just demonstrates the growing importance of our town, not just in the region or the state, but at the national level.”

A complete septic system explainer with critical next steps will be published in the April version of the Cornwall Chronicle. Be sure to pick it up or read it online.

—Bob Meyers

📸: From the Office of Congresswoman Jahana Hayes