By this time, many people in the Cornwall community and beyond have heard that the Frank Food Co. restaurant in West Cornwall will be closing at the end of next month. Marina Munoz, the General Manager of Pink House Pantry as well as the Creative Director of The Pink House Food Company had more to say about what happens next for the restaurant space after Frank’s closes. 

In an excerpt from her exclusive release to the Cornwall Chronicle, Munoz outlines her plans for the restaurant and the Pink House. “Our plans include a restaurant called Pink House Kitchen. The restaurant will serve dinner seven nights a week and will open for breakfast and lunch Friday- Sunday. We will add more service hours as we continue to grow,” she wrote in her release.

Munoz goes on to discuss the rest of her vision for the Pink House itself adding, “The other component of our business is a grocery store located in the right side of the Pink House conveniently named Pink House Pantry.  The grocery store will be open every day beginning at 7 A.M. and will offer a broad variety of grocery items including staples (and yes, ice cream!), as well as some home goods and other essentials. We will also offer coffee, tea and a range of prepared foods from our Pink House Kitchen.  Pink House Pantry will have indoor and outdoor seating and provide the perfect gathering spot for our community.

The support of the West Cornwall Development Group, which she calls, “the energy and vision behind the purchase and renovation of the two buildings,” was acknowledged in her release along with her gratitude “for their partnership.” 

The target date for opening both the market and the restaurant is March 2024. We will keep you updated here and in the print edition as details emerge from this breaking story.

—Bob Meyers

📷: Cornwall Historical Society