The New England Slalom Series – NESS – comes to the Housatonic River for the Covered Bridge Canoe/Slalom 2022 this weekend.

When the water temperature rises above 50 degrees and the stream is somewhat tamed it is the perfect time to put a canoe slalom course on the Housatonic River. Come Sunday, everybody strong and ambitious enough to ride the waves and traverse the eddies while hitting as few of the hanging poles as possible (which mark a total of 20 gates) will have their chance to test their mettle. The acclaimed Covered Bridge Slalom will bring athletes from all over Connecticut to participate in a number of different categories, for different boats, different age groups and both genders. One of its attractions: It gives curious non-boaters a chance to watch the action between the bridge and the Bend for free. For more information and details go to

—Juergen Kalwa

📸: Juergen Kalwa